Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Snell is Cooler than Yours

Written by new field correspondent Bawarchi!

I met Pratap and the Kumars around 4 years ago and my copy of Snell has seen a lot of action. So much that, like an extra-loved teddy bear, it started showing some serious signs of wear after a couple years. Whole chapters were coming loose and I started to become reluctant to use it anymore since it was hard to open without pages escaping everywhere. Well...isme kya faida hoga? So I finally I dropped it off at a copying-binding-cell phone accessory-bus ticket-pav bhaji shop in Pune the other day and came back in a couple days to find:

It's a hard cover now! Well it takes up just a bit more precious space in my backpack but, man, it's pretty bomb proof. I can hardly even open it all the way, they stitched the binding through all the pages so tightly. But it works and it's been thoroughly Indiafied which makes me so proud of my little Snell. But the best part is:

I had forgotten I had left my special bookmark inside. It's my ticket stub from A.R. Rahman and Company's show in Oakland back in June. (It was a kick ass show by the way. Sukhwinder did an extended Chhaiyya Chaiyya that had everyone on their feet...well at least everyone in our section.) It got sewed into the binding and is now conjoined with the second chapter. I just think it's all too cool. Am I strange and geeky about this? Very well, I am strange and geeky about this and I am confessing right here that I joined this blog's team just so I could tell the world how cool my Snell is.

But just to be responsible, here's an awesome sign for you all to practice your devanagari reading skills. Hint: You don't need to know a word of Hindi to know what products and services are being offered.

Till next time...I'll see if I can snap any more good practice signs here in Bombay.