Monday, October 5, 2009

The Easier Snell?

Since I took my University course in Hindi (Rant: their is only one available and it's only one semester long. It's also the only language course offered at the University that doesn't have intermediate classes, anyway....), I have been having trouble retaining all the information that I've learned to date from my Snell Book (I'm at Chapter 9). I'm a bit confused, I didn't have enough time to assimilate everything in each chapter. So, I opted for Rupert Snell's Beginner's Hindi. I just finished Chapter 1, and things are looking good. I also memorised all the vocabulary before moving one to the next chapter. The hardest word to learn was "vidhyarthi" (student) because the syllables are not in order. You want Vi-Dhi-Ar-Thi, but, if you read the syllables in order you get Vi-Dha-Thi-R , so yeah...confusing. But I still have more to learn. Will update when I'm done Chapter 2.

Oh yeah, just wanted to mention, I learned the Tamil and Bengali Vowels today as well. I'm on a roll! Will update on that as well (more precisely when I know the whole alphabet in both languages).