Saturday, April 21, 2007

amongst our weaponry are...

My Hindi-learning companion (Leroy) and the bag in which I tote around all my Hindi-learning stuff, which is as follows:

Snell x 2, paper, index cards, a pen, and markers. I am ready.

My first attempt at writing out the first dialogue in chapter 2. Our friend Pratap is talking about Hindi books with a teacher. My favorite part of this is on the back of the page. Pratap asks if a certain thick book is a dictionary, and the teacher, Sharmaji, says "No, it's the Ramayana." That's decidedly a step up in interestingness from the contents of Pratap's room at Kamala's house (fan, bed, chairs, etc.).


Maja said...

First of all, nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!!

Secondly, you are SO much more organised than me. I don't have such diverse elements amongst my weaponry - I just have the Snells (doesn't that sound like an exotic animal?), a notebook and random pens. I do have a large selection of pens though.
Your Devanagari looks very nice, and I think I might develop a crush on Pratap now that Abhishek isn't available anymore ;)

Katrin said...

Have I mentionned before that you guys rock? No? Then I'll say it now: You are fantabulous! You might even make me dig out my Snells (that does sound like little furry exotic animals ...) from under one of those huge book piles in my room.
Btw. you have to write a post on how to get blogger to display devanagari, pleasepleaseplease!