Sunday, August 5, 2007

(D)evanagari U(nder the) I(nfluence)

I'd been craving a beer at my favorite bar for days, so when a friend said she'd be up for some french fries and a shirley temple before studying at the coffee shop, I couldn't resist. News flash: total lightweights should not have a drink before trying new vocabulary and writing in a not-entirely-learned script. The effects were even more wobbly than usual. After writing out all the masculine nouns, I browsed the chapter and realized cases were coming. And closed the book. Cases did me in in Latin back in my sophomore year of college, and while I am not going to let them win this time, today was definitely not the day to prove it.



eva-e said...

Oh, don't let the cases bring you down. It's only two of them in Hindi. After the five or six cases I had to cope with when trying to learn Russian, I find Hindi grammar pretty easy. Right next after English, actually. ;)

Maja said...

Teehee! Any chance of putting up a picture of that wobbly writing? ;)

Slovene has 6 cases too, but I'm still annoyed when I have to learn them in foreign languages ... Probably because English doesn't have any and that was the first foreign language I learnt. But I can deal with 2, I just need more exercise, my book doesn't have enough exercises in it, dammit!