Saturday, September 22, 2007

Read That Sign! round 2

After reading Ultrabrown's post on the Wagah Border and its delightful/baffling display of patriotism, I flipped through some pictures from my trip there in July 2006. Here's a sign that faces you as you enter the Indian side of the arena (that might not be quite the right term, but it's stepped seats full of cheering crowds, so it seems to fit).

I feel like I should be able to identify these words, but I can't quite do it. My guess is:
svarn jayantee dvaar
With the help of Word AnyWhere, maybe this is
gold ____ gate. Now if only I could figure out the _____.


Manish said...

Golden Victory Wall, I think.

Beth said...

Damn, that's so...heavy. The whole time I was at Wagah, I kept trying to imagine the US and Canada having a border event like that. "F you and your arctic air masses!" "Stop with the acid rain, eh, hosers?"

Manish said...

Dubya calls for a giant National Air Conditioner:

Because the proposed National Air Conditioner would cover 90 percent of the state of North Dakota and face south, the U.S.'s northern neighbor would be directly in the path of superheated air expelled from the machine's back vents... Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this would create drought conditions and devastate their farmlands... [The Onion]

Beth said...

Finally an explanation for why summers in Toronto were always so hot when I lived there! True north? My arse.

AmreekanDesi said...

"Golden Anniversary Gate"

Anonymous said...

Svarna: 50 yrs (Golden)
Jayanti: Anniversary
Dwar: Gate

Anonymous said...
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