Wednesday, May 9, 2007

वह खूबसूरत आदमी कौन था?*

This is not only a very good question to know (very practical when you are out stalking Bollywood's खूबसूरत आदमी ** in the dark) but also the title of chapter 4, which is the last chapter I remember from the Hindi class I took a while ago. For a while now I haven't been a good girl and wasn't studying Hindi very diligently but now seems like a good time to start again.

So, in the time honoured tradition, I present my high-tech equipment:

A few books ...

A stack of index cards with lots of grammar most of which I don't actually remember ...

And a fabulous pad with coloured paper, some of my writing - and lots of grammar that I actually sort of remember ...

And of course I need my trusty iPod to listen to the Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies Podcast which has taught me lots of useful phrases to use when the खूबसूरत आदमी I'm stalking turns out to be Johnny Lever ...

By the way -the
़खूबसूरत आदमी in chapter 4 is called Suhas and Sangeeta would like you to know one thing: vah sirf mera dost hai!

*Vah khubsurat aadmi kaun tha? - Who is this handsome man?

**Is that the proper plural? खूबसूरत is an invariable adjective, isn't it?

A big thank you to Carla for the spelling advice!


carla said...

Ah, nostalgia. I remember the audio that goes with that dialog, the snarky, conspiratorial tone of voice in which Pinkie asks "दोस्त या रिश्तेदार?"

Your plurals are fine - the whole phrase is invariant (except in the oblique plural) - except that ख़ूबसूरत has long u in both places.

तुम लोगों की पढ़ाई के बारे में पढ़ना बहुत मज़ेदार है! लगे रहो!
It's great fun reading about all of your studies. Carry on!

Beth said...

Katrin, you are leaps and bounds ahead of Maja and me! I loooove that you have incorporated stalking into your learning, too. Do you know how to say "Unhand that pink shirt!"?

Katrin said...

@beth: Hm ... I might be able to say "Give me the pink coloured shirt, you villain". At least I think so ...
मुझे गुलाबी रंग के कमीज़ दो, बदमाश!
There are probably loads of mistakes in there, sorry for that.

@carla: Pinkie is really subtle in that dialogue ... ;)
Thanks for correcting my spelling - I completely forgot to check whether I had the right u-sounds once I had forced Blogger to actually sort of do what I wanted it to. It kept turning random words into Devanagari instead of the words I wanted it to ... very strange.

Maja said...

What's the 3rd book from the left? (The one that isn't Hindi Script, Hindi or Beginner's Hindi?) Is it a dictionary? It's not the Ramayana, I know that much ;) And if Sangeeta isn't interested in the khubsurat admi, can I have him?
I'm so impressed you can do full sentences, especially ones involving pink shirts and villains!

@ Carla, whee I understood the "lage raho" bit!

PS. Yay for fellow fans of LHFBM podcast!!

Katrin said...

Yes, that's the dictionary, also by Rupert Snell. It was very helpful in writing that sentence. Especially because I found a phrase very similar to pink shirt in it ;)

I think I got the link for the podcast from your blog a while ago. It's so hilarious!