Monday, May 21, 2007

Did you forget to feed the cat again?

So the book's been teaching me about invariable adjectives and adjectives with masculine/feminine endings, and ... Well, check out this sentence demonstrating an invariable adjective:

क्या बिल्ली जिन्दा है?

Yes, that means "Is the cat alive?" I'm not sure whether I should be amused or worried ... In any case, it's brought back memories of my high school German teacher, who taught us prepositions by using examples like, "The fork is on the roof. Is your sister under the chair? Who put the dog in the attic? My shoes are not in the bathtub."

Also, I can now count up to 20! I learnt to count up to 5 from the movies, then up to 13 from KBC, so I'm good with those, but I do need to practice 14 to 20 some more.
Next up: tu vs. tum vs. aap, and then Unit 3!


Beth said...

That is a totally disturbing example. We'll have to make a special list of those and send them to the publishers to keep in mind for revisions.

I just realized I have a copy of the book you're using! I'll have to dive into that too (once I finish my pre-existing chapter two, of course) so we can really work together!

Katrin said...

Now why do I get the spooky image of a furry snell with really sharp claws grabbing poor little kitty from behind and dragging her into the woods?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I stumbled to this blog but since I am here, I am gonna chip in with my contribution to your quest of learning Hindi. Try the link below which allows you to download some lessons of Hindi, i'm sure it will help you.
An impressed(by your love for this language) Indian

eva-e said...

Hey guys, just came across this great blog of yours today. Should keep you posted on my progress as well.
I might be a bit handicapped by possessing only one Snell (Beginners' Hindi), a German-to-Hindi dictionary (yes, one direction only, should have read the description on amazon more closely) and a random collection of any scrap of paper that comes my way.
Still, this way I've progressed past the bad dreams of SRK already, while still not being able to read conjuncts properly. I just read the rest of the word, and if I can guess what it means, fine, otherwise I just don't know the word.
I just recently got myself a local Indian for lessons once a week. Work on my pronunciation and stuff.

Concerning the cat in the title: it's probably a quantum cat, neither dead nor alive, which is transformed into one or the other state by just looking at it. So the question actually does make more sense than the one about the fork on the roof. :D